Show and tell: What I have learnt this week

Sorry for the late post of this article folks. Usually, I’d like to post this on a Saturday, but it was my birthday so I’ve been a bit busy being spoilt rotten and drinking too much alcohol over the last few days. It’s such a hard life sometimes! I had a pretty good week last week. In fact, I’ve had a really good week! Today’s post isn’t as deep as the last ‘Show and Tell’. So let’s get going on the 5 things I have learnt in the last week:

  • You are as young as you feel: Sure enough, last week I spoke about how my mental age is 80 as opposed to my actual age of 25. That might have been a bit of a false comment. In fact, I take it all back. You are as young as you feel. Age is nothing but a number. Take my grandma for example. The woman is over 70 years old and her diary is more full than mine, or any other twenty-something that I know. Every week she goes to her voluntary job at a hospice and mans the desk. Then she goes to tai chi, swimming, aerobics, fund-raising events, social clubs and pubs. The only time off she gives herself is on a Sunday evening. Even then, she sits and wraps soft toys in cellophane ready for a prize draw on the following day. With all of this going on, she still finds the time to keep a full-time relationship going, eats healthy and looks absolutely stunning. She looks about 55. Kind of puts things into perspective when you think about it.
  • Lady Gaga puts on one hell of a show: On Saturday, I celebrated my birthday with my best friend in London, watching Lady Gaga do her thing at the #artRAVE ball. What a night! There will be a full post on this later, but what I will say is that I have never been Gaga’s #1 fan. I’ve always enjoyed most of her music, but after witnessing her show, I am prepared to eat my hat. What an amazing performance! The whole crowd was on their feet, dancing and jumping around. There was so much colour and light in the room. I think that’s what gay heaven must look like. It’s rare to find an artist who puts on a good performance as opposed to writhing around on stage pouring bubble-bath all over herself. Full post on this to follow.
  • People move on, and that’s fine: I’ve recently discovered that my ex-boyfriend has moved on, found a new partner and moved in with him. I can honestly say, with my hand on my heart, that I am happy for him. That doesn’t mean I am going to contact him and suggest a dinner party so that I can meet the new me, but regardless, good for him. I always knew that the day would come where I found out that he’d met someone else. It really wasn’t how I had previously imagined it. No tears, no tantrums, no stalking Facebook to try and find out who the new guy is. I have also heard that he has left the city and gone to live with him, which really added to my good mood. No worries about bumping into him anytime soon! Congratulations to you and to yours. May you both be happy in life!
  • Grindr is in fact, NOT the devil: Ok, so it is, but, if used in a certain way, you can really meet some great people on there. There is no harm or shame in talking to people, regardless if it’s online or in the street. Hell, in this day in age, how else are you supposed to meet a new guy/friends? The days of wooing someone over a riverside picnic are long gone. I know that in the past I have said that I will never use Grindr again. Perhaps I was just being too harsh back then. I take it back. I’m not an advocate for it, but if it will help me to meet new people, then I can accept that not everybody on Grindr is looking for NSA. Looks like I’m doing a lot of hat eating tonight!!
  • I am loved by so many: Wow. that sounds big headed doesn’t it!? It’s true though. I received so many well-wishers, cards, presents and cake on my birthday. It’s nice to have people be nice to you. It’s a feeling I’d forgotten about for a long time. I had the best birthday that I have ever had. That’s the honest truth. Everything just went swimmingly. I haven’t got a bad thing to say about any of it, maybe except for one of my friends being late and running out of power on their phone (silly Jill!). Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and who made me have a 25th birthday that I will never forget!

That’s it for this week. Next week’s show and tell will be on Saturday, unless I’ve either:

  • Found a way to buy a flying pet unicorn,


  • Married a millionaire with a mansion in the Hamptons.

Needless to say, I’ll be posting on Saturday.

Have a good week!

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