Stop, Look and Listen.

This is one of those posts where words aren’t important, hence the lack of the usual 2000 that usually fill up these pages. This is one of those posts where I want you to listen to what I am saying and watch the video that I have shared. This is a post about a hero and how you can take inspiration from her.

If you live in England, you would have to be living under a rock for the last year to not have noticed the story of Lynda Bellingham. Lynda was an actress-turned TV personality-turned cook-turned TV presenter-turned hero.

Lynda was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year. After being diagnosed, she then wrote a book called “There’s something I’ve been dying to tell you”, talking about coping with the end of her life. The material in the book isn’t what you expect to find in the final memoirs of somebody who has been told that they are going to die. She rose above it, turned her back on the sorrow and used her tragedy to help others.

Her decision to end her chemotherapy, thus shorting her time here really struck a chord with the nation. Her final wish was to live out long enough to have one last family Christmas at home with her family and friends.

Unfortunately, Lynda didn’t make it until Christmas. Lynda passed away peacefully on October 19th 2014. She was surrounded by her most cherished loved ones.

Above is a video of her last interview, which was aired on ITV1’s ‘Loose Women’. The interview was filmed two weeks before she died. I sat and watched this video tonight at home and shed a fair few tears. The love and compassion she still had in her eyes really touched me. The bit in particular that got me was how much her face lit up when she said that she was finally getting a real Christmas tree.

Whilst watching this interview, I stopped in my tracks and took a look at my own life so far. I have spent far too long worrying about unimportant things. Really, when it boils down to it, when you take an amazing woman such as Lynda Bellingham and compare it to the boy troubles or the bitching that annoys you in everyday life, it suddenly means nothing. A lot of us are lucky enough to be surrounded by healthy family and friends and to never know the pain of loss. Others, such as myself, know what it feels like to lose someone.

I think that a great lesson can be learnt from watching this video. Please, if you have some time spare, sit down, watch it and listen. Look into her eyes. There was no sadness in them. She was happy. She was determined. She was fighting. If this fantastic lady could stare something as horrible as cancer in the face and still remain upbeat and get on with her life, then anybody can.

The next time that your mobile phone doesn’t get a good 3G signal, or your hair isn’t as straight as you’d like it, or you can’t get something that you want straight away, take a step back and remember this video. Remember that you are lucky to be here. Life isn’t for wasting. Life is for living.

Rest in peace, Lynda.

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3 thoughts on “Stop, Look and Listen.

  1. ‘Remember that you are lucky to be here. Life isn’t for wasting. Life is for living.’

    I wish everyone knew how right you are x

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