Show and Tell: What I have learnt this week.

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  • Life is too short: This week I said goodbye to another dear friend that unfortunately passed away. This is the second friend of mine this year to pass away. Sometimes, death comes out of the blue and hits you in the face. I’ve lost many a good friend and family member over the years. More than I should have, but this isn’t about me. May my dear friend rest in peace and may we all remember that life is short. You can’t take anything with you when you die, so please, live your life to the full. Others are not as lucky as us to still be here.
  • I suck at cooking: Unless its lasagne, Chinese food or Risotto, I really suck at cooking. I came to this conclusion after offering to cook for someone this weekend and panicking when realizing that I really cannot even boil an egg. My goal is to start to learn how to cook properly. Watch this space. An array of pictures of my culinary creations are probably coming your way in the near future.
  • Some days, I just need to stay in bed: Yep, in one day, I successfully managed to break my mum’s ring that she had been waiting a year to get repaired, plunged the house into darkness by blowing up the fuse-box, dropped a wine bottle on my foot and sent a load of messages to the wrong people. On days like that, the best thing you can do is to lock yourself away, put on a DVD and save the rest of the world from anymore chaos that you might cause.
  • I have no time for drama anymore, AT ALL: Sure enough, back in the day, I used to participate in a bit of drama. Shocking, right!? Not so much. These days, I literally have no time for any drama going on. I have had quite enough, thank you very much. There will always be people who try to get a rise out of you and make you bite the bait of bitchy-ness. It just doesn’t work for me anymore. There comes a point in life that you look at the people around you and think “Jesus, I do not want to look like that”. My response now, to any drama coming my way or opportunities for an argument, or talking about someone behind their back around me is to walk away. To some, this may appear as cowardly. To those people, I feel sorry for them. Time to move on bitches. Stop causing unnecessary drama because your life has hit a dull point. Perhaps take up needlepoint or something?
  • Apparently, it has never been so easy to stalk someone on the internet as it is now: as though we need to know this!? Surely there is enough paranoia in the world without the added headache of ‘WhatsApp’ adding two blue arrows to the app so that once you send a message, you can now see when someone has read it. Surely, part of the beauty of having it in the first place was that you didn’t have to reply straight away. Now, we have no excuse but to reply. I’m not saying that we hate who we talk to at all, but sometimes, you just can’t reply straight away. Now, we face the Spanish inquisition when we don’t reply within 5 minutes. I’ve never been so thankful to be single!

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