Show and tell: What I have learnt this week

  • The best ones are always straight: I just can’t win. Everytime I find myself getting heart palpitations over a guy, I find out that they are either already in a relationship or they are straight. I have countless girlfriends who are always telling me how unfair it is that all of the best guys are gay. I disagree. In my case, they are all straight. It’s like some sort of cosmic joke. “Here’s a guy that you’re RWALLY going to like, Kalvin, but just to be awkward, we’re going to make sure that he only likes girls!” In situations like this, my mum always says that it’s ‘sod’s law’.
  • Apparently, when it comes to fashion, I am physic: Now I do not profess to be a fashion guru, nor do I profess to have any idea of what I’m talking about when it comes to a lot of designer stuff. However, it would appear that I am doing something right. Whilst walking through the city with my friend the other day, I noticed that I was wearing exactly the same outfit as the mannequin in Topman, and then in a few other stores, the mannequins were wearing outfits that I had been sporting all week. Does this mean that I am naturally fashionable? Probably not. I would love to think so, but I think that it’s just a case of luck.
  • I do have an opinion and I am sure as hell not scared to use it: If it wasn’t apparent already, after reading my blog, then I will say it now. I do have an opinion and I will use it. For too long, I spent my time biting my tongue and not saying what I really felt. I am unable to bite my tongue anymore. I guess I can thank my mother for not having a filter and passing it on to me. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing, providing you when to and when not to shut up!
  • The tighter, the better: I only wear skinny jeans. Fact. You will never, ever see me wearing any other kind of bottoms, unless I have to for work. I have tried skinny jeans from everywhere and have never been that impressed. A lot of them rip easily, stretch out of shape (which may be down to my ‘junk-in-the-trunk’). I figured that I would give Primark a try. A lot of friends have tried the jeans from there and were on the fence. I picked up a pair of ‘super spray on’ jeans for £15 and I am so, so impressed! They cling to all of the right places, make me look like Beyoncé from behind and stretch around the crotch, leaving less chance of me ripping them when having a twerk-off in the club.


  • You are who you are: Does this need much of an explanation? The more you try to deny who you are and what you are, the longer you will be unhappy. At least, that’s just my opinion from my experience. I will never be skinny. It just won’t ever happen. My body isn’t built for it. I stopped looking to be that way a long time ago. Instead, I accepted what I have and have embraced it. If you’re not tall, then you’re not tall. If you’re gay, you won’t be straight (or vice versa). Embrace the qualities that you were born with.

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