10 do’s and don’ts to follow if you are single this Christmas.

DO decorate your house as though you’ve never seen a Christmas before in your life: You’re single, not dead. Just because you aren’t a unit anymore, doesn’t mean that your Christmas spirit should die with the relationship.

DON’T spend your day on Grindr/Tinder/Plenty of fish, or any other dating website: This will just make you more upset that you are alone, as replies to your messages are sparse and the likelihood of ‘the one’ being online on Christmas day is little to none.

DO make that extra bit of effort and try and look nice for the occasion: This includes sparkly earrings, Christmas jumpers, special slippers and festive onesies. You don’t hear Christmas songs called ‘Tis the season to be slobby’.

DON’T remind yourself about Christmases past with your ex: Yes, they may well indeed be sat with another family this Christmas, wrapped in the arms of their new beau, however no amount of Facebook stalking or re-reading the Christmas card that they wrote to you in 2006 is going to make them leave their Christmas dinner and sit with you and your pot noodle.

DO make an effort to eat something different: I’m not talking about buying yourself the biggest turkey that you can find, but try something new as opposed to the ham sandwich that you have been planning to eat, rounded off with peanut butter on a spoon for dessert.

DON’T be so quick to refuse any invites that you may receive this holiday season: Really, when you think about it, we’d all like to just stay at home watching ‘Titanic’ on BBC1, closely followed by ‘Mary Poppins’, followed by a rendition of ‘Band Aid, which you were planning on performing to the dog,  but sometimes, pushing yourself to be sociable when people invite you out will actually help lighten your mood.

DO spoil yourself: Ok, you’re alone, but think of the money that you have saved! Instead of buying Lucifer any Christmas presents that he won’t really appreciate, you can now afford to buy yourself that bottle of Chanel No.5, that bag you saw in River Island or that extra special bottle of wine that you saw in Waitrose.

DON’T drink alone: This is never a good idea, regardless of if it’s around Christmas or not. The bottles of Prosecco and Bucks fizz might taste pretty good, but after 10 bottles, you start to fall into ‘Bridget mode’.

DO go to the Christmas parties that you’ve been invited to: Put on that ridiculous Rudolph headband, don that sparkly red dress and go outside in the freezing cold and drink Christmas themed cocktails with your mates. Once you get there, you’ll forget about the lack of heat, over exposed cleavage and the fact that you look like an idiot very quickly once you’ve knocked back a few ‘Strawberry ho-ho’s’.

DON’T forget that you will not be alone forever and that you will one day wish that you were alone for Christmas: Before you know it, you will be back in someone’s arms, stressing out about how many presents you need to buy, wondering if they are going to like it, making Christmas dinner and arguing over who is going to do the washing up.

Whatever you decide to do this Christmas, have a good time doing it. Remember, singletons: just because we are single this year, does not mean that we can’t enjoy the day just as well as the next person. After all, even Scrooge was single after he found the joy of Christmas.

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